Are You Ready to Become a Published Author?

My Story is Beautiful is ready to transform your manuscript, short story, peotry, artwork, or photography into a beautiful book. In just three easy steps, our team of graphics designers, editors, and book miracle makers will create a fabulous, full-color, book out of your work. You are just three weeks away from being a published author. Let’s get started today!

Three Easy Steps to Your Published Book

Let’s Get Started Today!

Our team of design experts will transform your words into a spectacular 8.5 x 8.5 inch book. In three short weeks, your book will be listed on and YOU will be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

  • Design professional front and back covers for your book
  • Format your manuscript or poetry
    • Our creative team can expand your ten-page manuscript into thirty pages.
    • 10 pages double spaced + 20 pictures = 35 page book
    • 12 pages double spaced + 22 pictures = 40 page book
    • 14 poems + 14 pictures = 28 page book
    • Books over 38 pages will incur a surcharge
  • Artistically enhance your pictures for a professional appearance
  • Ensure your book is listed in the Library of Congress
  • Guarantee your book has a bar code
  • List your book on
  • Provide you with a link to order your book

Are you ready to transform your story into a book?
Are you ready to be a published author?